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Community Bioremediation: Healing Our Soils Together

What is Bioremediation? It’s the use of living organisms to safely break down, bind or remove harmful substances from soil, water, and manmade structures to restore optimum health conditions to animals, plants, people and communities. Klehm will introduce the four tools of Community Bioremediation – bacteria, plants, fungi, and community organizing and show ‘on the ground’ examples and speak about the challenges of supporting the health of our soils.

About Nance Klehm:

Klehm is a long time activist and organizer on land and public space issues and her work has been featured in many books, radio, and print. She is the director of Social Ecologies (www.socialecologies.net) which works internationally on wastestream revisioning and reallocation, soil contamination and fertility, and agroecological practices.

Nance cultivates and forages medicinals and edibles, keeps bees, chickens and quail, maintains a fruit and nut orchard, grows for a regional seed bank and stewards Pachamanka - 50 acres of prairie and woodlands in the Driftless Region of the Great Lakes. (www.spontaneousvegetation.net)


Doors open at 2pm. 
Tickets available at the door

Coinciding with this workshop, Weedeater, a documentary on Nance Klehm will screen the following day at the Braddock Carnegie Library.

Monday January 23, 6 pm
Braddock Carnegie Library
419 Library St, Braddock, PA 15104

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4:00pm 4:00pm

UrbanForage of the LA River

UrbanForage of the L.A. River

Women's Center for Creative Work 2425 Glover Pl. LA, CA

In the fifth year of the 100 year drought we will trace the plants that lie between WCCW and the river and then enter the river and explore the aquatic species and plant communites on the shores and center of one of the naturally forming islands.

We will adjourn and nibble and sip on foraged snacks and beverages.


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6:00pm 6:00pm

Plant Spirit Medicine at Otherwild

Plant Spirit Medicine  at Otherwild

1932 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles 90039

Learn how to open your body’s deeper response to some selected plants that pass unnoticed in the landscape. We will start with a short urbanforage and then return to practice using sight, taste, scent, touch, listening and sensing of these plants in their various forms and preparations to discover their nutrition, their medicine and their spirit.


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